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BuildASoil Youtube Channel

Dedicated to sharing practices for organic permaculture style cultivation both indoors and out. 

Seed to Stoned Youtube Channel

A complete grow series including in-person interviews with some of the industries brightest minds

DGS The Dude Grows Youtube Channel

Learning. Growing. The Dude Grows Show Cannabis Cultivation, News, & Culture

Walton Select Youtube Channel

Educational Cannabis cultivation and genetics videos from Parker Walton from Walton Select.


Dutch Passion Cannabis Deficiency Charts

A visual in depth guide to cannabis deficiencies.

I love Growing Marijuana

It can be daunting to start with a new venture like growing. Learn the basics so you’ll start your first grow confidently.

Dutch Passion ID Pests in Your Garden

A visual guide to common pests and disease for cannabis.

Reddit 804 Home Growers RVA Richmond

Reddit Forum for growers from all over the state.

Local Breeders

Superfluous Strains Cannabis Seeds

A Small Batch Breeder Based out of the 757, Superfluous Strains focuses on using old school genetics to create something completely new.

Photon Pharms Auto Autoflower Beans

Some of the best Autoflower Genetics are coming directly out of Virginia thanks to Photon Pharms.  Featured on several National Seed Banks, Photon always has love for VA

Walton Select Photo Period Seed

From Virginia to Colorado and now back to Virginia, Walton Select starts with authentic breeding stock to create some of the terpiest flower you can grow.

Jolly Pond CBD and THC seeds

Whether CBD or Cannabis Jolly Pond takes their Organic and Natural approach to all their farming producing some of the frostiest plants available.

Motavation Virginia Weed Breeders

Starting as a Tribute to his father Motavation is quickly becoming a household name around VA.  With his crosses able to stand up to the Virginia weather and come out beautiful and Frosty

Bred By 23 Frost Big Sativa

Anime, Sports, and Chasing New Flavors are BredBy23's hobbies.  Always hunting for something new BredBy23 puts together proven strains to create absolute fire.

Stable Genetic Hippogator Blue Whale

Best know for the "Blue Whale" (Tested over 30%) Hippogator has spent the past 30 years breeding not only potent but beautiful bud right here in VA.

Jord Genetics Local Medical Feminized Beans

Norse for Mother Earth, Jord Genetics has a passion for everything that grows, with a focus on creating highly medicinal strains.

Blue Dream Local Cannabis Seeds

Choosing to not go public until he had really honed in his craft Gobble Grows likes taking obscure strains and crossing them with classics we all love.

Insight Gentix Landrace Strains

Specializing in Regular Autoflower seeds, The Walshman started Insight Genetics looking to make beautiful bud that also bring heat in the terp department

THC Feminized Seeds The Hyena Club

Starting by helping other local breeders with packaging the Hyena Club is now offering their own Femmed Photoperiods

Loyal 2 the soil Runtz Ghani

Starting with proven genetics Loyal 2 Tha Soil is commited to bring the most out of the plant and putting Virginia on the map for genetics.

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