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Connecting Growers to Grower Friendly Services

Whether it's the worry of a stranger seeing your grow or the struggle of trying to explain to a craftsman why you need a specific service, there are challenges that every grower faces from time to time, so we wanted to compile a list of grower friendly services to help you with your needs around your house and grow area.

Alex Ubiera

(804) 512-7796


Services: Carpenter

I can offer rough carpentry anything structural related work such as framing a house, building outdoor structures with reasonable square footage, or installing features in the home or green house. Finish carpentry such as flooring, doors both interior and exterior, I can design & create built ins too.



(804) 432-8023

Services: Plumbing, Mini Splits, Electrical

I am a licensed plumber 10+years experience, have worked in the HVAC and Electrical field.  I have setup grow rooms for over 10 years, I can install mini splits, and run electrical.

Bull Creek Gardeners


(720) 545-8655

Services: Cannabis Cultivation & Operations

I'm here to help you with all your home growing questions, concerns, and hands on help. I have over 11 years experience working in the Cannabis Industry throughout the US and Canada. I like to focus on efficiencies, high quality, supreme plant health, and enjoyable times. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Capital City Paint and Powerwashing

(804) 754-1600

Services: Painting, Powerwashing, Deck Staining, Tree Work, Stump grinding

Feel free to contact us for a free estimate. We service all of Richmond and surrounding counties. We have been in business for over 25 years and can get the job done at an affordable cost.

Complete Remodeling & Service

(804) 519-5812

Services: Construction/Repair

Over 20 years of experience serving Virginia in the construction trades. Licensed and insured. Residential, commercial, and industrial.

Discreet Install & Repair


(757) 894-4803

Services: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

I can service your electical, plumbing, or HVAC concerns from a small job to grow room design.  Weekends preferred.

Farmer Joe


(205) 908-2255

Services: Bee Keeping and Removal, Garden Planning

If you have swarms that need removal, I'm happy to help.  If you want consultation for your garden, I can also help there too.

John Gerbasio

(804) 869-6154

Services: Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry

Willing to help growers with any construction needs.  Have setup and built many grow rooms. Please text for service.

Joyful Beginnings Postpartum Doula Services

(804) 464-3837


Services: Postpartum Doula

Hi, my name is Autumn! As a postpartum doula it is my honor to take care of you during your postpartum period. It is my goal that every mother have a smooth transition whether you are a new mom or a mom of more than one child. I am a mother to three wonderful children ages 4,2, and 10 months. After the birth of my first child I sat there in the hospital bed thinking, "what now? what do I do with this baby?" It was a terrible feeling, and in that moment I had never felt more alone. Shortly after I developed postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. These feelings were really challenging to deal with and taught me that it is important to seek postpartum support early on. I want other people to know that they do not have to go through the postpartum period alone, I will be there every step of the way. I look forward to getting to know you! 



(804) 955-5542

Services: Technology

I have an IT background. Computer repair, could help design a website, Discord, setup that fancy new technology you might not understand for your grow. The possibilities are endless.

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HomeGrown VA LLC is not responsible for any work nor takes any liability for any of the companies or services listed.  All work and agreements are between the consumer and listed company.

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